New Programs and Services Now Available
Pick a Date
The feature that allows customers to pick the date their payment is withdrawn from their account is now available for all electricity and natural gas customers. Currently, customers can choose any day of the month (1st - 28th) or the last day of the month for their payment date. This new program will help make paying invoices simpler for customers.
Customers cannot pick a date through MyAccount, they must contact Customer Care. If an Energy Marketer is signing a customer up as an Authorized Representative the request to pick a date can be entered into the "Authorized Representative Additional Information" field of the sign up form. Some conditions may apply.
Budget Billing
Customers will pay a set price each month for their electricity and/or natural gas bill. This program helps customers budget their monthly expenses as they will know exactly how much money they will be paying for their energy each month. Customers must contact Customer Care to enroll in the program. In order to qualify the customer must:
Be approved by the Customer Care team.
Have a least 6 months of historical data with UTILITYnet or available through a Historical Usage File (HUF).
Not have had a NSF (Non Sufficient Funds) for at least six months.
Be on a fixed electricity rate or a variable natural gas rate. The budget plan will not be available to those on a variable electricity rate because of price volatility.
If the customer qualifies, the Customer Care team will calculate how much they are to pay each month based on the historical data available.
Budget plans will be reviewed semi-annually on the 1st of April and the 1st of October where the customer will pay for any outstanding balance or be credited for any overpayment. If a customer incurs a NSF, they will immediately be removed from the budget plan. If a customer is to change their rate or the term of the rate ends, the budget plan will be re-evaluated based on the new rate chosen.
Consolidated Billing
Customers enrolling more than one site under the same customer name, with the same billing date will receive a consolidated bill and billing notification. This makes it easier to account for numerous sites.