Dual Fuel
Simplify your energy plan by getting electricity and natural gas from one local provider.
Alberta's energy industry is going through a restructuring as new government policies are being implemented. Protect yourself from future price fluctuations by choosing from some of the lowest prices in the province.
Dual-Fuel Value Rate
Guaranteed until March 2020
5.99 ยข/kWh
*Prudential and Dual-Fuel Gas required
Administration fee: $6.90 per site
Customers who consume over 3450 kWh per month will be charged an additional $0.002 per kWh.
Natural Gas
Guaranteed until March 2020
$3.99 /GJ
*Prudential and Dual-Fuel Electricity required
Administration fee: $4.50/Invoice
($0.10/GJ if over 45 GJ usage per invoice)