Join the Light Up Alberta Program
In partnership with Green Alberta Energy, Solar PV Micro-generation customers of OASIS Power can sign up to receive a premium on power exported back to the grid through the Light Up Alberta Program.
To enroll in the program it is simple, if you are a Solar PV micro-generator, contact our Customer Care team, ask to join the Light Up Alberta program and see your profits grow!
1.0 cent/kWh
On electricity exported back to the grid.
Contact a Customer Care representative Monday - Friday, 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.
(780) 665-9918
What is Micro-Generation?
Micro-generation is the production of electricity on a small scale, using renewable and alternative energy sources. Energy sources are typically solar and wind and are generated by individual home owners and small businesses, as well as municipal and community buildings to meet their electricity needs.
The Micro-generation Regulation, which was established in 2008, allows Albertans to meet their own electricity needs by generating electricity from renewable or alternative energy sources.
On December 21, 2016 the Regulation was amended to provide more flexibility for rules on how Albertans can generate electricity. Changes include increasing the size limit of a micro-generation system to 5 megawatts from 1 megawatt and allowing a micro-generating system to serve adjacent sites. Read the amendments.
Under the regulation, micro-generators receive credits for the electricity they produce but do not consume. Small micro-generators, sized under 150 kilowatts, are credited for the electricity sent back to the grid on a monthly basis at their retail rates.
For more information on micro-generation visit the Alberta Energy website.