If you have yet to explore our online Customer Self Service capabilities, this quick 'My Account How To' will provide you with the online options available to manage your accounts.
You can register your information in My Account via our website using the Customer ID provided to you in your confirmation e-mail from our Customer Service team. Once you have set up your username and password, you can begin exploring our online options.
Your password will need 6-12 characters with at least one capital and one number.
Store your newly created Username and Password somewhere safe, for use each me you return to our website. Usernames and Passwords are easily reset if you forget.
Customer Information
In the top left corner of My Account you will find the Customer Information section. Click 'Change' next to any field to amend the information we have on file for you.
Please ensure we have your up-to-date mailing address and phone numbers on file.
The Customer Information section is also where you will find a link to the Terms and Conditions of your Energy Agreement.
Consolidated Statement
Directly under your Customer Information is a section for your consolidated monthly statement. This document is handy for customers who have multiple sites with us. The consolidated statement is a monthly overview of all of your accounts.
Here you can see the number of accounts included in each statement and the total amount charged for those accounts. To view, download, save, and/or print your statement, click on the date.
Copies of your electricity or natural gas invoices that include the charge details as well as usage analytics can be found in the Account information section.
Account Information
The top right section of My Account is for Account Information. Choose the account you want to view by clicking on the down arrow next to your account numbers.
This is the site-specific account information for the locations where we are providing electricity and/or natural gas service.
Click on the invoice links provided to view, download, save, and/or print your invoices.
Nicknaming your Accounts
If you have more than one account with us, it may be helpful for you to add a nickname to your account so you can easily tell which is which. To set a nickname, simply select the account you would like to name from the drop down menu and click on "add nickname".
Nicknames can be anything you choose. Some examples include "Electricity", "Natural Gas", "Home", "Rental", etc.
Profile Information
The centre left section is for Profile Information. Here you can change your Username, Password, your Security Question, and the e-mail address we have on file for your account.
Note that the e-mail address entered in this field is the e-mail address that we will send all future correspondence to. Please ensure the e-mail address you use is the appropriate one for your needs.
Change Requests
The lower left section of My Account is where all account changes can be made. Note that we require 10 business days notice to complete all change requests. After clicking on the respective links, simply follow the directions provided to enact the change. Here you will find links for the following:
  • Add electricity account
  • Add natural gas account
  • Banking change request
  • Cancellation notification (close your account)
  • Moving notification
  • Rate change request
Billing Notifications and Payments
Each month funds are withdrawn from your bank account to pay your electricity and/or natural gas bill.
Unless you have opted to participate in our Pick a Date program, seven days in advance of the invoice withdrawal date, a Billing Notification e-mail is sent to you, notifying you of the amount to be withdrawn and alerting you that your invoice is available for viewing through My Account. Simply click on the link provided in the notification e-mail to login and view your invoice.